Riding a bike is pretty simple and the Arkansas Gravel Series does not intend to have a lot of rules. In fact, there's only one rule: Do Good. (really there are two rules, the second is all riders must wear a helmet and have a rear red light on their bicycle). Examples of 'doing' good: not littering, not cussing/yelling at volunteers/event participants/anybody really. You get the picture. Those who don't 'Do Good'' will not be allowed to participate at future events in the series.

Race Information

Eligibility: To become eligible for Arkansas Gravel Series points, rankings, and rewards, racers need only to register and start any to all of the events in the series. Racers can enter any number of events to improve ranking by compiling points throughout the series. All points earned while starting series events are tabulated and will count towards series titles/awards. There is no minimum number of events required, though starting more events increases chances to win.

Scoring: Scoring will be on a points based system where the first place finisher receives 500 points, second place 495 points, third place 490 and so on. DNF will receive 5 points, DNS 0 (zero) points.

Series Points: Every effort will be made to have the series points/rankings posted by the close of business on the Friday following each event.

Ties: All series ties will be decided at the final event: The Siloam Shuffle. Racers are not required to enter the tie breaking event to be eligible for series awards. In the event of a tie at an individual event, the racers involved in the tie will receive an equal amount of cumulative points available to all places involved in the tie.

Series Awards: The top 3 racers in each category will receive Series Awards at the final event: The Siloam Shuffle. In the event the Series Awards cannot be awarded at this event, they will be presented as soon thereafter as possible.

Event Awards: The top 3 racers in each category will be awarded special awards for each event.
Support: Once you leave the start/finish area of the event, consider to be self-supported. No pre-arranged individual or team support. You are on your own. Aid stations may be available which will provide water, snacks, and limited nutrition. If you have specific nutrition needs, please plan accordingly. Every rider needs to have the same chance of success once they leave the start line.


Helmets and rear red taillights are required!

Are e-bikes allowed?

E-bikes are allowed but are not eligible for series awards/podium spots. Also, use of e-bikes for pacing/drafting other riders/groups is not allowed.

What if the weather is bad?

Events will be held rain or shine. Delays may occur for severe weather. In the rare occasion of weather causing event cancellation (i.e., tornado, flooding causing road to wash away) registrants for the affected event may choose between transferring their entry to another event OR refund of entry fee.

Can I transfer my entry to a different event?

You may transfer your entry to another event in the series. NO TRANSFERS allowed within 7 days of the event. Unless the transfer is triggered by severe weather forcing event cancellation.

What bike should I ride?

Ride what you got. You don’t need a specific gravel bike and mountain bikes will perform just fine. Be aware that bikes with narrow tires (think road bike tires, tires narrower than 32 mm) will likely not perform very well on gravel roads.

How do I know which direction to ride?

It is the rider’s responsibility to know and navigate the course. GPS bike computers are strongly encouraged. While courses will be marked with directional signage, unfortunately some people like to remove or change the signage. Thus, the presence of signage cannot be guaranteed on the day of the event. You may also choose to print off the course cue sheets and use for directions.